1. Incense helps one to feel transcendent.
  2. Incense clarifies one’s consciousness: physical, mental, and spiritual
  3. Incense creates the experience of holiness, while dispersing the profane.
  4. Incense makes the mind sharp.
  5. Incense is a friend even when one is lonely.
  6. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, incense makes an oasis of peace.
  7. One never gets bored with incense, even when there is a lot of available.
  8. When incense is hard to find, even a little is fantastic.
  9. Stored properly, incense stays potent.
  10. Incense is harmless, even if used daily, and inclines a person towards the practice of harmlessness.
16th Century Zen aphorisms modern rendering c 1998 Michael Rose